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Demonica Snuggles Up With Indie Maverick Douglas Conner

     I'm back babies and this time nothing is going stand in my way when in comes to delivering you all the latest and greatest in independent sleazy entertainment new , reviews , and candid nude pictures of the royal family( except Kate, gross ). Today I have scored for you an interview with a very, very talent man who works flawlessly in many different areas of the film production process. So come in , sit down , take off your bra if you'd like and ENJOY

Douglas, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with lil
ole' me and talk film and the film production process that goes into
it. Here we go , this gunna be a shitload of fun! :)

Thank you for having me Demonica!

 How did your love for obscure and abnormal entertainment develop?
Did it start early with all those whacked out kids shows they had when
we where younger ? (i.e H.R. Pufnstuf, Today's Special, Monsters).
What are some really fucked up shows from your youth that helped shape
your love for obscure gems?

I would say my love for the genre began very young. As a kid, I loved
Ghostbusters, and Beetlejuice (movies / cartoons). My parents used to
tape a lot of movies off of Showtime and HBO. One day after
Ghostbusters 1 and 2 played another film that they had taped came
right on after and I blame the opening scene for my madness! I was 3
1/2 years old, It scared the daylights out of me and I loved it! The
film was Brian DePalma's "Body Double". In the opening scene, we see a
graveyard and then slowly go underneath where we see a man laying in a
coffin. The camera then pans to his face, when he turns his head
really fast and growls! I never saw the full movie until many years
later. This scene always stuck with me and DEFINITELY shaped me and my
love for horror!

 Did you always have a desire to work in film behind the scenes as
an editor and producer?

When I was younger, I was pretty set on being a Special F/X guy. I
even went to a couple F/X camps my parents signed me up for and loved
the experience. Over the years I have become more of an editor, actor,
and now even a producer. It's been a great ride so far getting to do
so many different areas in this line of work. I feel I am truly
blessed. I have a great family who is very supportive of me and my

 How did your desire to work with film transition into an acting career?

My mom has always asked me, why aren't you an actor? I never really
saw myself as an actor. I was the guy that wanted to do the effects
and make the films come alive as a director or editor. It really
wasn't until Brian Dorton and I met that I ever considered acting. He
approached me to play the character of Melissa Couch. Getting all
dressed up and becoming a character, felt so natural. It was now my
job to take this character from a script and make it something
wonderful. I had to find all of these different characteristics that
felt right and mold them. The way she would speak, her walk, her
facial expressions, and most importantly how I feel this character
would react to some of the situations she has been placed in. I love
acting and really want to get into it more!

 I LOVE the character of Melissa , what was the inspiration for the
character? How did Katrina and Melissa come about?

Ohhhhh! Everyone loves Melissa! Melissa and Katrina were supposed to
be used once and then we would move on to something different. People
instantly wanted more from these characters. Brian Dorton and I
thought about it for a while and then finally decided to give the
characters more room to grow. We are very happy that people love
Katrina and Melissa and their crazy adventures!

 You and Brian Dorton have had a creative relationship that
continues to this day. How did this come about?

Brian and I met in 2005, we both live in Louisville, KY. We have
certainly grown over the years as a great, hard working team. He is my
best friend and together we have created over 40 short films. We are
now expanding our horizons and moving foward into full length films.

 What are some truly sleazy films that have inspired you to
continue to work in the industry?

Well I would have to say hands down the very first horror film I ever
watched all the way through was Tobe Hooper's "The Texas Chain Saw
Massacre" from 1974. This movie scared the crap out of me. From it's
truly creepy and morbid opening scene to the final climax of Sally
running down the driveway screaming and climbing into the back of the
pickup truck always stuck with me. What inspires me the most with
"Chain Saw" is that they did SO MUCH with SO LITTLE. Plus the film is
so gritty and raw. At times, you actually think what you're seeing is
real. Some other truly sleazy films that I love and have inspired me
would be "PIECES" from 1982. I remember renting this movie at my local
video store, the cover alone sold me! From it's opening scene, to the
now famous "BASTARDS" moment, to it's final shocking conclusion, I
loved this movie. It inspires me the most with all of the over the top
kills and it's use of humor. "The Evil Dead" from 1981 is pure genius
on Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell's part. It's one of the best video
nasties of all time. Again, like "Chain Saw" they did so much with so
little. Putting friends in a cabin and making a movie that can truly
scare us and disgust is definitely a plus in my book. One of my
favorite "so bad, it's good" films would be "Don't Go In The Woods...
Alone!" from 1981 directed by James Bryan. This movie is so CAMPY and
GORY that it can't be missed. I'm never sure whether he was trying to
make a straight foward horror slasher or a horror comedy. The comedy
that comes from this film, is mainly the actors and actresses
involved. From the cheesy dialogue to the random use of music that
plays with each kill, this movie ranks high for me. I'm not exactly
sure what it is about this film that makes me love it so much. I
highly recommend it! Other none "horror" films that I love would be
"Pink Flamingos" from 1972, "Female Trouble" (1974), and "Desperate
Living" from 1977. What do these 3 films have in common, JOHN WATERS.
I absolutely adore Mr. Waters for his films and the characters he has
provided us with. Divine and John both grew up together, being best
friends and making movies. This has truly inspired my life completely.
Doing what you love with friends and making a dream come to life.

 Melissa has green hair. I have to know does in your opinion does
the carpet match the drapes or is she a victim of a vicious stylist?

Yes they match.

 Do you think that you and Brian will ever expand the Melissa and
Katrina characters into a feature film?

Well I like to think of "Trashology" as a Katrina and Melissa feature
film. Their segment is called "Divine Bitches" where Melissa and
Katrina are going around and killing sex-offenders. Yes, the movie is
made up of 3 stories but at the center core of it all is Melissa and
Katrina doing what they do best.

 Was "SMOKERS ANONYMOUS" your first film as an editor with Brian?

"Smokers Anonymous" was not my first editing job with Brian Dorton.
Our first movie was a little thing we slapped together called "BLOOD
REVENGE" which looking at it now isn't much. It was fun and a learning
experience for us both. "KILL CECILE" is my favorite editing job, I'm
most proud of that short.

 Do you prefer working behind the camera as an editor/producer or
as an actor? Do you see yourself branching out as a director of
feature films?

I really do enjoy it all. Truly. I'm Brian's go to guy when it comes
to editing and I enjoy it. I would like to do more acting thou. I
think I'm getting better with each role I take on. I would love to get
into serious acting - a drama for example. Brian and other's have
encouraged me to write and direct. I think with time I will. I am
currently working on a couple different scripts, one for a feature
film and a couple of shorts.

 The short films that you and Brian have worked on as well as the
upcoming "TRASHOLOGY" seem to pay a huge tribute to the early films
      in John Waters career. In my opinion you both have succeeded
where many have failed in creating films that genuinely resemble the
look and feel of those classic films from the 70's and 80's. Was the 

homage intentional ?

Well first off I would like to say thank you Demonica for the
compliment. Yes, it's intentional. We all love John Waters and his
films. I love that this man, made a name for himself. Taking very
little and making cult classics. I really admire that.

 Can you tell me a little about your role in the upcoming "TALES
OF POE"? I hear it puts a little bit of a gay spin on a classic tale?

It was a great pleasure to finally meet and work with Bart Mastronardi
and Alan Rowe Kelly. "Tales of Poe" is going to be amazing! I can't
wait to see the finished film. Brian Dorton, Rodney Horn and I all
travelled to New Jersey/New York to be apart of this amazing film. Our
parts were small here but I was just so happy to be apart of it. I
would love to work with both Bart and Alan again in the future. They
are both wonderful, creative, and supportive filmmakers and I look up
to them both! Thank You. TALES OF POE official LIKE page on facebook:

 Another film that I am REALLY eager to see is "MOTHER'S BLOOD".
What is your role in that film ? Can you tell us a little about the

My friend Rodney Horn landed the role as the gypsy in the film. I am
so proud of him. Rodney takes on the toughest role in the film and
takes on many faces which required a lot of costume changes, hair and
make-up. There is a fan page on facebook for the film where you can

get more info. I am one of the executive producers and I believe I
have one brief scene.

 James Cullen is a good friend of Demonica and The Trash Compactor
. A little birdie tells me that you are contributing to his upcoming
anthology film "Theater Of Derange". Can you tell us a little bit
about that film and what we can expect from the segment?

Our segment is called "DOLL PARTS" which is in the vein of movies like
"Maniac" and "Muder Set Pieces". The story revolves around a troubled
kid, that grows up and begins to kill people. I don't want to give
away to much so I am stopping there. Our friend Dustin Ferguson
(writer/director of "Terror at Black Tree Forest") came all the way
down from Nebraska to be apart of this film. Brian Dorton is the
writter and director of "DOLL PARTS".

 Tell us a little about your involvement with Brian Dorton's
upcoming remake of the classic trash film "CRAZY FAT ETHEL". What can
we expect from this remake that may put a fresh spin on the story?

Brian Dorton's script is amazing. He really captured the iconic
moments from the original and also makes new ones. My involvement with
Brian's "CRAZY FAT ETHEL" remake will involve me playing the character
of "Drake" and as the films editor. I am really excited about this
project. Linnea Quigley has recently joined our cast, she will be
playing the character of "Pam". The wonderful Alan Rowe Kelly is also
starring as Ethel's aunt "Joyce". Stay up to date with this project by
clicking LIKE on our official page on facebook:

 What are some other upcoming projects that you have on your plate
that you would like to let us know about?

The script I am currently working on is a drama/suspense. I have been
talking to my friend and actor Michael Partipilo about playing one of
the lead's in the film. Michael is based in Chicago. He has also
showed a lot of interest in the writing of the script. Michael is a
great guy and I'm really excited about working with him on this
project. The story revolves around the characters of "Michael" and
"Darren" who are a couple. Michael has been very open to the project
and really wants to be involved.

I would also love to give two shoutout's to Anthony G. Sumner and the
wonderful and talented Deneen Melody! You can find them both on

Anthony G. Sumner:  http://www.facebook.com/anthony.g.sumner  -
Anthony is a great person and friend. I am so happy I have become
friends with him. His recent short film "LEWIS" was AMAZING!!!! Also
checkout "SLICES OF LIFE" which is now on dvd.

Deneen Melody:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Deneen-Melody/136902779707257  -  Deneen
is such a sweetheart, talented, and beautiful. Deneen and I have
become good friends. I hope to travel to Chicago soon to meet her,
Anthony, and Michael Partipilo. You can find Deneen in both "LEWIS",
"SLICES OF LIFE", and now the new show "THE PLAYBOY CLUB" on NBC. I am
so very proud of her

 And of course since this is THE TRASH COMPACTOR. What is your
favorite "sleaze" scene in film history, in any genre?

I would have to say my favorite "sleaze" moment in film history would
have to be the opening scene in "PIECES". The way the mother comes in
all nice and then totally goes off her rocker and then her son
murder's her with an axe. CLASSIC!

Thanks Douglas!!!!!!!!

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