Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Demonica's Top 10 for 2011

Hello my babies , well it's time to bid a firm fuck you and farwell to 2011 not a bad year for the genre at all. . So sit back , get the lotion and pump that rod a little for you dear old mama. ENJOY It's my picks for the best 0f 2011


This movie, for me, was what millions of 80's throwback slashers have claimed to be: a fun nostalgic trip down slaughter street with little brains but a fuckload of entertainment. Writer/Director Declan O'Brien returns for his second round with the inbred cannibal clan everyone loves to hate, and this time comes up with a film that from start to finish is pure unadulterated camp/trash/gore at it's finest. Fun kills , ton of tits ( loved the lesbo couple) and just a good time to be had by all.

9.) HOSTEL 3

 WOW!! Two direct to dvd sequels that kind of rocked my world. Eli Roth's Hostel was no doubt a genuine front runner in the new wave of splatter films, for me it worked on a much more basic violent level, not my fav film by any stretch of the imagination. The followup Hostel 2 , to me , is one of the best horror films of the past 10 years. Mr. Roth gave us gorgeous scenery that paid tribute to Italian cinema and brutality that rivaled anything I had seen in modern cinema for a long, long fucking time. Insaniac Scott Spiegal takes the the reigns this time round , with more focus on character then genuine gore he has managed to create a film that stays true to the mythos of the previous entries as well as stand on it's own two feet as a film. Loved the change of setting ( if this could exist anywhere in modern America, Vegas would be it), the use of simple yet effective physical violence , and a mean streak that popped up midway and never let up. Let the carnage continue I say.

8.) Dream Home

Dream Home kind of came at me out of nowhere , and man am I glade it did. Dream Home is so legit it's ridiculous how much it really manages to get right. Director Ho- Cheung Pang manages to weave a very devastating tale that is both socially relevant and brutal as all hell , some of the kill scenes in this film will make even the most die hard fans of extreme cinema wince in horror and look away. To reveal to much about the set pieces and specifics of this little gem would be a terrible disservice to you as horror fans , do yourself a favor and grab this one ASAP!!!

7)  I Saw The Devil


I had ALMOST lost faith in Asian cinema, I'll admit it , I did. Countless offerings of paste white black haired girls out for revenge is enough to drive this old girl into a mad frenzy after about the one billionth time. Here we are 2011 and I stand corrected, head hung low in shame and reverence, I declare Asian cinema is back with a bloody fucking vengeance! I Saw The Devil is a film that I so did not expect, I had heard the rumblings of genius and read all the reviews adorning it with admiration and respect. Just didn't seem like my cup of tea. This film goes into places that I did not expect and at the heart of all the madness and excellent film making skills there in lies what is ultimately  a story of some seriously fucked up people who do some major damage to each other. Brutal, sleazy, and amazing in every sense of the word.

6.) The Puppet Monster Massacre

A truly genius piece of genre film making in every way imaginable, director Dustin Millis is able to use special effects, puppets , and art to create what is a truly memorable tribute to 80's style creature features. I haven't laughed this hard at a film all year and the gore on display is truly impressive as well, add to the mix some memorable characters and some puppet tits, a great time is had by all. Think Peter Jackson's Meet The Feebles but not as vial and morbid and infused with the self aware comedy of Shaun Of The Dead. An instant cult classic.

5.) We Are What We Are

I am a simple woman, I make no qualms about it, I enjoy sleaze, debauchery and filth, ALOT!! This for me was a film that at it's central core is about some really,really terrible people and the awful things they do to ensure survival in a world that is also filled with terrible people. Director Jorge Michael Grau is able to create a bleak and desolate landscape that is populated by hookers, homeless people, incompetent cops ,and of course cannibals; all of this set to a grungy crumbling city struck with poverty and crime. A gorgeous and disgusting film that manages to be both a melodrama and fierce tale of isolation and despair at a family's core when faced with limited funds. So good!!

4.) Hobo With A Shotgun


3.) Jessicka Rabid

I am a HUGE fan of Paul Morissey and his earlier films, they have a certain component of realism that makes it as if you are watching real people in real albeit nasty situations. Matthew Reel has created a strange and sadistic universe for his characters to reside in and one that feels extreme and realistic in equal meassures. Of all the films I have seen that claim to be paying a " tribute" to vintage sleaze cinema this is the one that seems the most authentic. It's as if I discovered an old vhs of a long lost classic from the 70's. Matthew and his crew should really be commended for creating a true masterpiece of modern underground entertainment.

2.) 3 Slices Of Life

First off this is a film made for fans of the genre by fans of the genre, the love of horror cinema is apparent and seeps out of every disgusting frame. Anthony G. Summer has created an anthology film that manages to be humorous and disgusting in equal measures. The acting is top notch , the effect work is nothing short of stunning, and the direction is spot on perfect induces more than a couple jolts to this old girls heart. Each story has it's own special spark that makes it memorable, but it's the last episode "Pink Snapper" that really sealed the deal. Deenen Melody gives, what I feel, is the stand out performance of the year, and the story itself is a madcap mixture of Henenlotter style body violence and pure savage gore. GREAT FILM!!

1.) Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

I know most critics have shit badly on Tom Six's followup to his controversial 2010 film , it has been accused of being nasty, not having any base in logic or reason , and being a very mean spirited nihilistic experience. That it is, and I loved every fucking minute of it. I don't really give a shit if Tom Six was trying to say something or not with his somewhat meta follow up , this film showed me things that I have never seen before and did it all with a mean nasty streak of jet black humor. This is extreme cinema on it's most primal level, every single character , decision, and situation is oozing with sleaze and depravity. Who gives two shits if it "means" something or if it "breaks laws of human decency", its entertaining as fuck none the less.

There you have it my babies 2011 done and done, here we go 2012 bring that shit on!

What do you say, babies ?

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