Thursday, December 29, 2011

Donald Farmer's SHARK EXORCIST Enough said !!

Demon Queen , Cannibal Hookers , Scream Dreams ,Dorm Of The Dead , Chainsaw Cheerleaders;  No this is not a list of my weekend activities my dears this is a filmography of one of SOV/low budget horrors most accomplished directors, Mr. Donald Farmer. Mr. Farmer burst onto the SOV scene in 1987 with his truly lurid tale of succubus consumption Demon Queen, one of the first of it's kind to gain worldwide distribution, and a damn good time to boot.

Mr. Farmer shows no signs of slowing down either as it appears he has a new film set to be released later in 2012 that is currently in post production, Shark Exorcist !! If the title alone doesn't warm the heart of every single gore hound and trash guru alike then jiggle your bits to some of the early scenes that Mr. Farmer has released thus far. If anyone can give me a solid idea of what this little diddy might be about I will personally come to your house and eat your ass for like 3 whole hours. From what I can gather this looks to be in the grand tradition of many of Mr. Farmers films, just a gonzo balls to the wall collection of excess that flows to it's own tune. Check out the clips, and ENOY!!

Shark Exorcist Clip 1

Shark Exorcist Clip 2

Shark Exorcist Clip 3

What do you say , babies ?

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