Thursday, December 22, 2011

Slaughter Claus Is Coming To Town !!!!

          I for one am a HUGE fan of sleazy and violent holiday entertainment , nothing puts me in the Christmas
spirit more than a good dose of murder,chaos,and a little full frontal nudity. Indie director Charles E. Cullen must have read my wish list this year ,  his new film Slaughter Claus seems to be exactly that. Mr. Cullen's new film looks like a violent and very un PC bundle of holiday brutality that hark ens back to the good old days of SOV horror , when it was fun and fucked up. Below you can beat your meat to a gloriouss trailer and plot synopsis. Look for my official list of holiday sleaze classics coming soon. ENJOY!

          " Once upon a time, Santa went nuts...You better watch out...literally, because Slaughter Claus and his Bi-Polar elf are coming to town. Your town! And they're up to no good. WOW! It's a whole new kind of Santa ,but this one doesn't want milk and cookies. He wants your BLOOD!!! "


What do you say, babies ?

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