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Backwoods Director David C. Hayes Helps Demonica Embrace Her Inner 300lbs Transvestite


I've never really been the kind of person who gets involved with other peoples business, not my thing. Once  the woman who lives in the room directly below me let out a blood curdling scream , I chose to ignore it. Later on that evening I found out that the woman had been the victim of a brutal rape and murder. If I had called the police five minutes earlier they would have been able to save her life. I will admit that it may have been a bad judgment call on my part, however the women did dress in skimpy clothing and keep late hours at the local corner store. It was bound to happen sooner or later, calling the police would have only been delaying the inevitable. The point I'm trying to make , my dear readers is this ; If someone is a slut and dresses as such let them get physically and sexually assaulted , it bound to happen sooner or later.

On a much lighter and much more sexually alluring note I have with me today an interview with one of my idols within the underground films industry , David. C Hayes. Mr. Hayes created what I believe to be one of the best low budget sleaze films in the past 10 years , Backwoods , as well as several other juicy and eye catching titles. Below you can read about Mr. Hayes thoughts on sleaze cinema and hear him discuss some of his upcoming projects, one of which is a sequel that I am very pumped for. So sit back , unbutton that blouse , roll down those knee highs, and ENJOY !!

 Have you always had a love for the art of  " Trash Cinema " ? What are some of your early influences as a director ?

 I think I have. As a wee lad I distinctly remember watching the b-movies. I was haunted, for years, by a film I only say a part of. A man was quartered by four horses and came back as a blue-faced corpse. It was terrifying (that is what they used to show on TV in the seventies). I eventually found out it was called The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism with Christopher Lee and recently watched it again. So good, so moody. Things like that have had a huge affect on me. The early Universal stuff, Hammer and even some early Troma are all things I point to.

 You seem to have a genuine love for low budget cinema , for instance your film Return to Yucca Flats : Desert Man Beast is a tribute to the classic film by Coleman Francis. In all honesty I think you did a good job of capturing the style of the original without going overkill. What are some of you favorite films to emerge from that era when trash cinema was king  ( 50's -60's) ?
Oh geez, I love the work of Ed Wood. I even wrote a book on him, Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood Jr. that is still in print I think. I get check for $4 every few months, lol. I love William Castle's films, Russ Meyer, HG Lewis (especially 2000 Maniacs). I think the 70s were a high point for exploitation, but the ground work was laid here. I would even throw Alfred Hitchcock in as a master exploiter. Rear Window is one of my favorite films of all time. I eventually grew a little and became a child of the slasher era.

 Have you always had a desire to craft and create films ? Did you go to film school ?
I think I did, but I'm more of an overall storyteller. I don't care what medium (fiction, comics, films, etc.). The story is important to me. I went to film school for 2 semesters... so that may explain things.

 Tell me a little how The Rainbow Avenger developed and was eventually used in the anthology Boxer Shorts.
From those two semesters came The Rainbow Avenger. It was a student film and the first silent, black and white gay superhero epic that I know of. I was working for Spectrum Films when they were releasing Boxer Shorts and successfully lobbied for its inclusion on the DVD. We started to serialize The Rainbow Avenger in Queerbait Comics #2 but artist issues have stalled future episodes.

What are some truly "sleazy" films you have loved that have eventually inspired you to create horror films ? 
Sleazy, hmmm. The aforementioned Dr. Sadism, of course. How about: I Spit on Your Grave, Orgy of the Dead, anything Naschy, Freaks... so many out there. The Blood Trilogy from Lewis is another good example.

 Who are some of your personal favorite " sleaze " and  " trash " directors that have heavily influenced the decisions you have made with your films ?

       The one I haven't mentioned yet that had a profound affect is John Waters. I watched Desperate Living in a film course in college and have been hooked ever since.

 Within the last 5 years what's the last GREAT trash film you have seen ?
 Excluding my own? Hmmm. How about Eric Stanze's Scrapbook. I love his work.

  First off I have to let you know that hands down Backwoods is one of my favorite low budget films. EVER. It is funny, loud ,obnoxious , and nasty. Everything I like in a man. How did this project originate and develop into what it is ?
It started as a drunken bet between Lord Andrew Blackhawk and myself. We gathered a bunch of friends and went into a Chicago forest preserve with some cameras. The script was quickly thrown out the window and, ta da.

 It's always fun to put on a skirt and throw some fake blood around. Any Chance we might see our favorite transvestite ass baby back on the screen anytime soon ?

    I think you know the answer to that. Still hush, hush, but Back Woods 2: Mama's Beefbilly Jamboree is currently in post production.

 The special effect in Backwoods where Luther springs forth from his mama's butt always gets some GREAT reactions from friends and family. How was that scene created ?
With seven dollars, a plastic butt from Spencer's Gifts and no brain filter.

 Can you tell us a little about your production Company Abnormal Entertainment and how it was formed ? Do you mainly distribute your own films or do you also distribute other productions ?
We don't usually self-distribute. And by we I mean me and by boys Kevin Moyers and Jeff Dolniak. We're so fly by night sometimes we forget we have a company.

 You have done almost more work in front of the camera as behind. Do you prefer the work as an actor as opposed as to being behind the camera or writing screenplays ?

         I enjoy it all, but screenwriting is my love. All writing, as a matter of fact. Acting is fun and people pay me to do it, so that is cool and I think directing is a good time, but crafting the story is where it's at for me.

 Can you tell us a little bit about Sinister Visions and Crushed Velvet two of your upcoming projects ? How are you involved in these films ?
Sinister Visions I don't have much to tell yet. Crushed Velvet, though, is fun. It's a semi-futuristic take on reality television after censorhip has been removed. I co-wrote the script with director Brian Skiba and appear in the film. It is pretty bad ass, if I must say so.

 You also work very actively in the comic book field I am very , very fond of you Rotentail comics. Any chance of us seeing anymore adventures with the character ? Maybe a movie adaptation ?
From your mouth to the movie gods ears, please! I like Rotty. Helluva a guy. We're working on getting the trade paperback up and running right now through Creators Edge Press.

 I also hear you teach at a University as a professor. Do you ever get recognized by your students as Luther or from any of your films ?

Only once. It was horrifying. Can you imagine Luther teaching you English?

 Can you tell me a little about your role in Lance Polland's ( Slices) Crack Whore ? That one sounds especially juicy.

Not too much, but suffice it to say that Lance is as depraved as the rest of us. A good deal of the Bloody Bloody Bible Camp cast and crew were involved so that speaks volumes.

 Any advice for up and coming indie directors on how to get their sleazy visions on the screen at all costs ? 

Never give up. Oh, and if your parents think it is an awful idea, they are probably right. That just means you're on the right track.

 Since we have been under the remake craze for several years now , any chance David Hayes could remake a good ole trash classic  for a new generation ? What would be something if anything you would be interested in developing ?

Wow, what a tough question. I think I would want to remake something that failed on some level. Where the point was missed or there could be a new, modern social question answered. I really want to do a sequel to Pieces, but that isn't the question. I would go with remaking Dr. Sadism. I'm emotionally invested and the themes of loss, vengeance and a complete lack of moral terpitude would play great today.

19.) What are some of your other upcoming projects that you can tell us about ? Give us a little taste !

Right now? Not much. We've got The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, Ron Atkins new feature, coming out on August 31 where I play John Wayne Gacy. Predatory Instinct and Little Big Boy drop on DVD on September 6. For all you Michiganders, I'll be appearing at the Flint HorrorCon on 10/29 and the Long White Box Convention in Taylor on 11/12 and 13. We're still waiting on a release date for Bloody Bloody Bible Camp. Fiction-wise I've got a story in the upcoming Help! Wanted anthology from Evil Jester Press and Tales of Terror and Mayhem from Wicked East Press.

 And since this is The Trash Compactor , what is in your opinion the " sleaziest " scene in cinema history in any genre? 

 I would have to say the cunilingus scene from Desparate Living. "Hit it Peggy! Hit it!" Depraved.

 Oh my , what a man. I must say that conversation got me all pumped up to strip down to my panties and skip around the forest covered in the blood of virgin sheep. Anyone care to join me ? Well I hope you all enjoyed this exciting bit of journalism and keep a look out for more on Backwoods 2 as it develops, as well as many of the other projects Mr. Hayes has in development. Until next time.....

What do you say , babies ?

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