Sunday, August 7, 2011

Evilbruce Clone thinks Demonica is a goddess !!

  OH MY !!! Please read this .... I just got what I consider to be the highest form of flattery , an insult !!! Love love love it !!! This guy just made my day. He does seem to be a bit confused however , I only post something MAYBE once a week .... Spammer ??? Hmmmmm ....  I dunno.....

    • EvilBruce Clone No spammers please. I'm not much for canned gelatinous meats.
      6 minutes ago
    • EvilBruce Clone
      BTW I'm offended that a spammer's site is called The Trash Compactor. When I hear the term TRASH COMPACTOR it makes me think of the compactor in Star Wars. Therefor when that term is used by spamming scum it makes me so angry that I plan on building a time machine so that I can travel back in time, sneak into George Lucas' office and change the script to Star Wars so that it reads... Han Solo says, "Chewie. Into the garbage shoot. I don't care what you smell! Wait. You smell Demonica Vansant's crotch rot? Ok. I don't blame you in that case. That's smells like rotten fish mixed with fumunda cheese and cheap wine and cigars!".
      Cheap Wine !!! He has no idea does he babies ?? Mama doesn't just drink cheap wine ..... she practically breaths off a Franzia spout. He's just mad at me because as soon as he dumped his load I woke up confused , realized what had happened and asked for my money back.

      What do you say , babies ?

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