Tuesday, August 9, 2011




   I have been around the block my sweets and that is putting in mildly. I have seen it all. I have done it all. I have heard it all. So when mama hears something that makes her want to put the flask and Percocet down , she takes a genuine notice at the origins. Lady Soal has been kicking major snail pussy in the local scene ever since it was formed in 2008. The music is a very refreshing mix of pop , funk , and R&B sounds  that brings the best of all genres together for a unique and original take on music. To make it even more refreshing and fabulous it feature none other then my good friend DJ TREYLA TRASH who not only makes a memorable appearance but also did the makeup , the fucking fierce costumes , and worked as a creative consultant. You know this is one slick bitch Below is the new music video " THAT GIRL " which was just filmed in Ames , IA and WOW !!! It' s loud , sexy , and in your face and has just the right mixture for a genuine hit. So slip off those control tops honey and slip on some Cha-Cha heels. LET'S DANCE !!

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