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Well hello there once again my babies ,it's me Demonica. Honestly, who else did you think it was going to be?  This is MY fucking website after all. Dumbasses. 

Once again your dear old mama has snagged another stimulating interview with a very interesting new talent, Jame Cullen Bressack director if the exciting new indie MY PURE JOY. MY PURE JOY looks to be a demented and nasty ride through the deranged mind of serial killer and if what I hear is true we are in for a treat. Below Mr. Cullen - Bressack discusses some of his inspirations and dislike and expresses his undying love for Demonica Vansant. Well everything except that last part. ENJOY !!

 Have you always had a leaning towards films that where a little more obscure ? What are some of your early favorites ?
Oh yeah I was always into some effed up shizz. When I was 3 years old I would cradel a the VHS of HELLRAISER, because I was obsessed with how Pinhead looked. I would sit in my room and craddle the VHS as if it were my child. I wasn't allowed to watch the film, but man did I try! I also remember when I was a bit older I was OBSESSED with ICHI THE KILLER and RIKI-OH THE STORY OF RICKY. I'm still obssesed with these flicks now! lol nothing warms my heart more then seeing disgustingly violent films!

  Did You attend Film School ?

I went to a film school for 3 weeks then dropped out, so basically I self taught. I watch other films to decide what I think is cool and from there I hone my style as kind of a mishmosh really. Basically I trust my taste in films enough to dictate how I make them haha.

 What are some " sleazy " films that you have loved that have also inspired you to make horror films ?
Oh wow. There are just so many to list. Most everything coming out of Korea for starters. Anything made by Miike, or Hennenlotter. I'm pretty much inspired by the 1980s all together.

 Who are some of you personal favorite " sleaze" directors of any genre that have inspired you to make films ?
Oh man another good one. But I will just name one name this time because I don't want to ramble on forever. FRANK HENENLOTTER. I love that guy's stuff!

 What was the last GREAT underground or sleaze  film you recall seeing ?
The last great nasty I watched was Hobo With a Shotgun, I know it's more mainstream but I can't stop watching it!

 Any directors working currently in the genre that you admire a lot ?
I have complete respect for any and all director's in the genre. To go out make your dream happen, and to put yourself on the line for your art is something to admire.  But If I had to name a few, Eli Roth, Takashi Miikie and Frank Hennenlotter.

 Can you tell me a little about your production company and how it was formed , what is the process in developing and maintaining a company ?
I teamed up with my executive producer on MY PURE JOY, Jarret Cohen, and founded PSYKIK JUNKY PICTURES together. We made this company in order to make some really awsome flicks that we hope everyone enjoys.  Mostly tho so I could put really nasty things in our movies and we couldn't get sued for it! haha just kidding

 Is it extremely difficult in these times of financial crisis to get an Indie film funded and distributed ?
You would not believe how hard it is to get something funded, I lucked out! But perseverance is key! Distributon on the other hand isn't that difficult. There are tons of companies looking for indie horror flicks, you just needa know where to look. I have helped a few friends of mine find distribution for their films when they couldn't find distribution. It's all about sending millions of emails! hahaha

 Do you prefer Acting as opposed to directing ?

I prefer to work behind the camera but I do like to stick myself into stuff I do for a line. I would love to say 1 line in someones film, but that's about it.

 Can you tell us a little bit about MY PURE JOY and how in came about , where did the idea originate ?
MY PURE JOY originated from me having a complete nervous breakdown and writing a script as if I was a serial killer. I took my anger out on everyone around me in the script. So basically it stopped me from grabbing a machete and goin ape shit one everyone.  You might think I'm kidding, I'll let you decide ;)

 It has become a trend in the past several years to remake horror films. What is your take on this trend ??

I think remakes are stupid. I have never seen a good remake. End of story.

. What are some films you feel could use a good ole fashioned restart ?

I think every single film ever made should be redone with an added Narration track by Morgan Freeman and Rob Schnieder playing the lead. I think that would be a great idea!

 As a filmmaker how do you feel about digital cinema in general ? What kinds of camera do you use to film most of your productions ?
I love digital. It's the wave of the future, although at some point I wanna shoot on film for that extra grainy look.  I use standard studio Quality Sony HD cams, or a Cannon 60D. Helps my swag a bit.

Is it hard work to sell and promote a film once it is completed or while the film is in production ? Is
it more difficult to promote domestically or internationally ?
It's for sure more difficult to promote internationally.

 What are some important tools or suggestions you can give on promoting an independent or no budget film ?
Just get the word out however you can. Post stuff, email people, make a twitter. Push the film to every medium you can!

1 When working outside the system does the MPAA harass you much as an Independent filmmaker ?
I haven't heard from them at all. We can't get this film rated, it would never be released if we did!

 What are some directors that influenced the look and feel of MY PURE JOY ?
Hitchcock, Hennenlotter, Tarentino, Chan-wook Park, Miikie, and Kubrick.

 What are some projects you have looming on the horizon ?  Any chance one could be a follow up to MY PURE JOY ?
I don't see myself revisitng the MY PURE JOY universe any time soon. But GET OUT ALIVE, which I am Producing, and THEATER OF DERANGE and MORBID MOVIES, which are anthologies, I am Writing/directing segments for. I want to make as many quality flicks as possible in my life time. So I hope More comes up soon :)

 I know you have made several short films before production of MY PURE JOY ..... Will those ever be released ? Or they now available to be viewed ?
They were released on youtube and stuff for a while, and sent to a few festivals.. but looking back on them, I don't want ANYONE to ever see them hahaha.

 I really enjoy the title Heroine Junky For Dummies . Can you elaborate a little on that specific short film and you experience with it ?
Basically it was about a character, played by me, taking a crash NA course because I got addicted to heroine. It was pretty much a kookey wacked out anti heroine infomercial with a storey. In it I killed my mother and danced ontop of her dead body while shooting up heroine and talking in a british accent. I have no clue why any of that was in my head at the time it was written but hey it happened.

 Is it difficult to cast a independent film ? To Find actors who are willing to do outlandish things for minimum pay ? What is some advice you have for directors in that  area ? is the best place to go for a casting call, no matter what pay scale and such you will have hundreds of actors that want to be a part of your project!

 What's some advice you would like to give upcoming filmmakers with low to zero budgets ?
Make the best possible film you can. Make sure you create a fun and engrossing storey, with good characters and work your ass off to make the best product you can. Budget can't limit you if you have the ambition, imagination and drive to keep going.

 When and where will I be able to see MY PURE JOY ?? I'm very excited about this film.
I will send you a screener soon. There is no official street date for everyone else yet tho :( You can see it in Oaklahoma on September 29th

 And of course since this is THE TRASH COMPACTOR please leave us with what you think to be the " best" , " trashiest" moment in film history ever ?

When he anally rapes the newborn baby in A SERBIAN FILM. :)

Thanks for having me! It was fun! I hope you enjoyed my responses. If you wanna hear more of my random ramblings you can follow me on twitter @jamescullenb

Nice stuff eh ?

What do you say , babies ?

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