Sunday, June 26, 2011

I love movies about RAPE. Day 3 Gutterballs review

When I was about 11 years old I was walking down the street to buy my father a pint of Old Crow Whiskey so he could relax after work, alone I may add. At that age I had only given a few hand jobs to my father's co-workers , so I was very naive in the ways of men and their carnal desires. That night , everything changed. I was ambushed from behind by a middle aged man and forced to " take it like a doggy " for several hours. Needless to say , the act itself was humiliating , degrading , and rough as fuck. I loved it , every lurid minute of it left my body hot and breathless for more. A love for rape and the act of humiliation was born. No more hand jobs for Bernie and the boy's after school. I was a woman obsessed.

Over the past several years horror movie aficionados , and gore hounds alike , have been treated to a resurgence in the " slasher" film , which comes much needed after the dry spell that was 90's horror. Many of the films that we are left with today are mere shadows of what the great stalk and slash films of yester year use to be. Leaving any notion of suspense and fun at the door, most current films seem to be ok with strapping the main characters to a chair and pulling their teeth out systematically. In that land Gutterballs is king.

The film itself is set entirely in a bowling alley as two rival bowling teams compete for the top prize. As often happens with these things a fight breaks out among the opposing teams , causing everyone to kind of go off on their own for sex , sex , and more SEX !!!  Suddenly a new name appears on the screen  BBK , people start disappearing , hairdos are upset , egos are bruised. Could it all have to do with a brutal rape that happened in the very same spot ? Is someone out for revenge ? Me thinks so daddy , me thinks so.

Gutterballs is really a movie that fans of pure 80's slasher films can sink their teeth into. It's as if we have discovers that long sought after big box movie that is impossible to find and filtered it through the lens of a Doris Wishman sleaze epic with all the sex and nudity in tact. Every frame of Ryan Nicholson's film is bathed in neon colors that give it that USA Up All night 80's sleaze vibe that is so mother fucking infectious it nearly rendered me comatose. The directing is very tight and moves along at a crisp gonzo like pace that gives it that " fun " slasher vibe despite some of it's nastier moments , of which it has many.

Gutterballs  is a film that wallows in it's hideously fun gore effects, which are very well done, and delights in showing every nasty detail. The prosthetics and gore effects are kick ass and blow many big studio computer driven films clean out the fucking water. A particular nasty scene involves a very graphic , well pornograhip , " 69" scene that ends with both character getting a " mouthful". Gutterballs is so seedy , so classless and assured of it's lurid sensibilities that it comes across as almost charming to any lover of  "sleaze " cinema. I have always been a huge fan of the rape revenge genre ; combine that with a 80's themed slasher that hits all the right notes in the sleaze department ala Blood Frenzy , Blood Diner , Ect.  You had me a hello.

The cast itself was extremely spot on, spouting out line after line of brutal obscenities  and doing so with wit and conviction. Color me excited. A particular shout out must go to Alastair Gamble as the sadistic preppie leader. Mr. Gamble oozed scumminess out of every scene and was very easy on this little ladies eyes , and finger tips.

Ryan Nicholson's third feature following Torched ( also a rape themed movie, Yum) , Necrophagia : Nightmare Scenarios ( a kick ass rockumentary of sorts), Live Feed (  a sleazy littel torture film) ; is a true sleaze classic in the making. Mr. Nicholson is a true maverick of modern underground cinema and with this feature he proves he is a force to be reckoned with. Don't Fuck With The Mother Fucking BBK, BEOTCH !!!

What do you say , babies ?


  1. gotta luv the combo of sleaze,oldschool slasher and of course rape..never gonna look at a bowling pin the same way tho..lofl

  2. Oh I didn't even know anyone had made a comment. Usually this post gets me a bunch of pissed off people claiming I have no business talking about rape or blah blah blah... Thanks for the support