Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kristy Swanson is all SWAMPY these days.

 Call me an ole fashion country girl at heart or a stark raving lunatic , whichever turns your crank. But, I love me some SyFy channel original movies. Now I know they may be terrible as fuck. And some of the special effects wouldn't hold up to your average Atari game system. But, damn it all to hell if I'm not entertained every single time. This Saturday Night at 9/8 Central SyFy is going to unleash upon the world the marvel that is Swamp Shark , add to that mix the fabulous Kristy Swanson. Color me excited. Below you can read a quick plot breakdown courtesy of  the IMDB as well as a cheesetastic trailer. Enjoy!!!

"A tight-knit family and their close circle of friends team up to hunt down a monstrous, genetically mutated shark wreaking havoc on their small bayou town"

What do you think, babies ?

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