Monday, June 20, 2011

Belia Slithers his pudgy ass into Blu Ray This September!!!!!!!

For all of you sick fuckers out there this is some exciting news, some very exciting news!!!! Frank Henenlotter's sleazy freakshow epic is finally going to be available on Blu Ray this September 27th and according to his Facebook Page . This is really going to be something special. Here are the words straight from his frothy little mouth
" Working on the HD master of “Basket Case.” Found most of the 16mm negative and an incomplete 16mm print which have a different color timing to the night scenes which somehow got lost when the film was blown up to 35mm. Though we’re using the 35mm inter-positive for the transfer, our point of reference is the 16mm original. The result is that this version of BC is going to look a bit different than what we’re used to, but it will be as close as possible to the original 16mm version I shot way back when "
 If any of you get the time I really suggest shooting on over to Mr. Henenlotter's facebook page. The man really is a true original in the field of modern underground cinema and has some very interesting things to say.  Hey , I'd fuck 'em. Here is a link to amazon where you can pre order this little gem Basket Case Blu Ray. 
What do you say babies ? 

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