Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Infanticide Can Be Entertaining and FUN!!! Day 1 A SERBIAN FILM

                           A SERBIAN FILM - REVIEW

The other day I was having a conversation with the foreign woman who lives in Room 67-B and I could not for the life of me discern where it was she could be from (not that I cared) I was just curious. Me and this woman sat around for awhile smoking cigarettes and sipping on Folgers instant dark roast when I finally realized she was from Benin, West Africa !!!!!! A country, that despite  the fact that it is illegal, still practices forms of baby murder. I was shocked, applaud, and I just really don't care for people from other countries sitting that close to me. I immediately excused myself and returned to my domain. Once again I was  tied to that old rickety chair with a pack of smokes and a case of Milwaukee's Best ready for my impending descent into film oblivion.

              A Serbian Film is the notorious 2010 film by Serbian director  Srđan Spasojević that has been getting plenty of notoriety since its premier at the Alamo Drafthouse in March of 2010. Since it's premier , the movie itself has been kicked out of numerous festivals and had several charges pressed against it. The state prosecution of Serbia opened an investigation to find out if the film violates the law. It is being investigated for elements of crime against sexual morals and crime related to the protection of minors. Poor thing, I know it's pain and suffering. Even here in the good ole' USA the film itself was released on VOD FlixFling in an edited 103 minute version. So is it worth the trouble to seek out ?  Is the movie deserving of it's notoriety ? Or are  all of you just a bunch of uptight pigs ? The Answers is YES to all of the above.

Right off the bat this little lady was on the hook ; creating a loving portrait of a middle class family and having the balls to have it's own sense of style, A Serbian Film was much more then I had expected. Sure, I had HEARD things about this movie, but I was convinced it was just going to be another run of the mill smut film with some nasty goodies in tow. But damn if it didn't have a plot, great direction, and some damn good atmosphere. I was wet..... very wet. And I must say I think I have found a new crush in Srđan Todorović , not only is  he very easy on the eyes ( and fingers ) the man can act. I was completely absorbed in his performance as a simple family man who is thrust into a world of filth and degradation and driven to unspeakable albeit somewhat over the top hilarious extremes. Come to think of it , now that the phenobarb has worn off , all across the board the performances where excellent and convincing which makes the second half of the film all the more gleefully sadistic to watch. If we are going to watch someone forced to rape and kill his own 9 year old son we have to care about the person first. God, is that asking so much ?

 Which brings me to the second half of the film..... Is it really as awful and tasteless as everyone has made it out to be ? Yes and No.  The film itself is nasty, there is no way around that. The second half is filled with necrophilia , pedophilia , rape , incest ; and of course the baby fucking scene that has been causing such an uproar. So yes , if you are easily offended by suggestive material, steer clear. Mormons that means you. But as a whole I was never overly offended by what was on display. Many of the morbid atrocities on display where done with a sure stylistic approach, , and overlay ed with a hyper techno industrial soundtrack that at least  showed that the monstrosities  at hand where  done by someone with a working knowledge of what film is and how it is put together . So , however awful and disgusting what I was watching constantly was at least it was done in a visually proficient manner . And lets be honest for a moment I do relish in movies that show balls and have the general audacity to shatter the envelop of bad taste, and baby this one set it on fire.

Now, let me address the white elephant in the room for a minute, the baby fucking scene!!! Ahhhh yes infanticide, how marvelous. There has been more debate , outrage , and general disgust over this scene then any other over the past 20 years. It is this films " dog shit " moment. And how, may you ask does this scene stack up ?  Should we go running for the hills and protect our children and families ? Not so fast. The newborn rape scene is nasty but by this point in the film it is the least shocking thing about it and done in such a visual way that not too much is shown. The sound effects are bit disturbing , but to be honest if you have made it this far there really is no turning back. Filth like this is what gives A Serbian Film it's tacky charm and anarchical attitude towards the masses. It's a big FUCK YOU to the SAW and HOSTEL's of the world. A Serbian Film does sit securely in the realm of " torture" films but it is the "torture" film to end them all.

A Serbian Film is the real deal my friends; an underground film purest wet dream. It is exactly what us sick demented cinephiles hope and pray for as we scower the Internet for that unsung classic that has never been released. Here it is .And it is a shame that it will undoubtedly never been seen in it's entirety as a widescreen release in the U.S. A Serbian Film is an " event "  film in every sense of the word. Please Hollywood , shut down production on The Hangover 3.  Agents and superstars I beg you , spend your money getting A Serbian Film a proper release next Thanksgiving so me and my grandmother can stand in a mile long line with my niece and watch brutal sexual violence with all the other happy holiday families.

"This is a diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government. It's about the monolithic power of leaders who hypnotize you to do things you don’t want to do. You have to feel the violence to know what it’s about."  Screenwriter Srdjan Spasojevic. Kinda makes me hot.... the man has a way with words that kind of just melt your liquorish panties right off. 

Here is a Link to view A SERBIAN FILM  UNCUT

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Another one down.........

What do you think my babies ?

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