Saturday, August 13, 2011


                   While patrolling the internet for men ahhhh I mean hot action. SHIT I mean a good story I stumbled into a conversation with writer - director David C. Hayes of Backwoods fame. Backwoods is an amazing little low budget masterpiece that is nasty , offensive , and just downright fucking bizarre and wonderful. If non of you have seen Backwoods it is almost mandatory viewing below is a trailer and a link in which to purchase the film on amazon.

                    Now the real reason this old girl has emerged from her drunken coma long enough to bash the keyboard is because Mr. David has given me an exclusive on BACKWOODS 2 which has already been filmed and is gearing up for a release ( hopefully very soon). I had the chance to chat with Mr. David via facebook about the sequel and this is the tasty info he shared with me :

                              "   Lol. Yeah, we made one. It's on the down low. We spent less on it than the original and are re-using the Mangina footage with a new voice actor. We got me, Cannonball Boy and Mama back for the sequel. Also threw in Kevin and Jeff from Blown and Steve from Blood Orgy of the Damned. It's horrible, but Maman flies now and shoots laser beams out of her eyes. Glorious... nearly unwatchable, but glorious. "

Color me VERY excited about this one babies, as soon as more information is available you will be the first to know.


What do you say, babies ?

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  1. Was Backwoods 2 ever released?

    Many of us are waiting eagerly for more!