Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AMERICAN MUMMY headed our way

 Trash aficionados and gore hounds alike have no doubt heard the name Charles Pinion circulated around the underground scene for awhile now. Mr. Pinion is the mad genius behind such epic sickies as Red Spirit Lake and We Wait , if you have not yet had the pleasure of viewing either one of these sleazy sickies both are available on dvd over at Something Weird .

 After a 15 year hiatus it appears Mr. Pinion is back with a new tale of terror and madness in American Mummy 3D. Details on the new film remain hush hush at the moment however you can catch a glimpse of the teaser trailer as well as trailers for his earlier films below. Also, don't forget to check out Charles Pinion's official website for more details and check back often as this is one I will definitely be keeping tabs on. ENJOY

Charles Pinion 2011 Website

                                               American Mummy Teaser

Red Spirit Lake Trailer

We Wait Trailer

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  1. Hey there! I just got word from Something Weird that they are NO LONGER selling my movies WE AWAIT and RED SPIRIT LAKE. They can STILL be found via my website, Unlike the SWV versions, they contain extras, trailers etc. and they are signed and numbered. For what it's worth, y'all!